Send Money
with one-click

Install Chrome Extension
Universal Payment
PeerSend is available on any website or social platform. Send and receive money anywhere on the internet.
Simple and Secure
PeerSend uses Paymail and P2P transaction. No need for long wallet addresses. Simply find a Paymail and pay
Lightning Fast Transactions
Sending and receiving money take less than a second! PeerSend restores the true vision of Bitcoin.

How it works.

Install in 2 clicks

PeerSend for Chrome is free to download, and can be added to your browser in just two clicks.
Install Chrome Extension

Sign in with HandCash

After installing the extension, you just need to sign in and connect with your HandCash wallet to send and receive money.

Find the PeerSend icon

Find the PeerSend icon on Twitter or highlighted paymail address on any website. Just hover or click to send money.

Complete the Payment

Choose the amount that you want to send and click the Send Money button. That’s it your payment is completed in seconds.


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