We change the way people interact over the internet.

The Mission

The current payment system on the web is silo’ed. It is divided by countries, currencies, platforms, and services. There is no universal payment system that allows people to interact using money.

The absence of a universal micro-payment system on the internet forced companies to adopt the subscription model and mass collection of user data for advertising.

The internet is full of unwanted ads and funnels with redundant processes. Users lost their sovereignty and control over themselves. Our mission is to help people be more free on the internet.

The Vision

Payment is not just about sending and receiving money. Whether you spend money to buy goods, invest in assets, donate to charity, tip a waiter, or reward a street musician, payment is a form of social interaction, not just an exchange of monetary value.

Money is a token of relationships with people, and the internet has made such relationships borderless. But the true potential has not been realized due to the lack of a universal payment system.

We envision that PeerSend will allow people to have relationships with one another in new and transforming ways, and entirely change the way people interact over the internet.


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